1 day chalet

All of these clocks are in stock in our PA warehouse and will ship out within 24 hours. To estimate time in transit please visit https://german-cuckoos.com/timetable.html

These clocks have to be wound every 24-30 hours. Winding up a cuckoo clock is easy and takes only a couple seconds. All these clocks have a high quality german brass movement with nightshutoff and come with pendulum, weights, certificate of authenticity a

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Black Forest Chalet with moving wood chopper German Shepard
SKU: 1634
9x10x6 inch 1 day chalet by Hekas. Clock features moving woodchopper, roof with wooden hand cut and hand laid shingles, wooden windows and shutters. Nicely decorated with carved trees, wooden figurine of German Shepard and rocks.