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13 inch 8 day chalet with moving lumberjack - 2 tone
SKU: 863
$439.00 $349.00
New model by Hekas. This 13 inch 8 day chalet by Hekas with wooden figurine of moving wood chopper. Woodchopper lifts axe with cuckoo call. Roof is covered by over 100 hand cut and handlaid shingles. Beautiful design, featuring a mix of darker and lighter
13 inch chalet -  moving beer drinker sitting on a barrel
SKU: 862
$439.00 $399.00
New 13 inch 8 day chalet by Hekas featuring moving beerdrinker sitting on a barrel. Beerdrinker moves with the cuckoo call at half and full hour. Clock also features roof with individually laid and cut wooden shingles, red wooden shutters and windows. Thi
15 inch 8 day carved with moving birds
SKU: 2.0102
$469.00 $289.00
Elaborate carving on this 15 inch 8 day cuckoo clock by August Schwer. Clock features 3 dimensional carved moving birds and cuckoo bird nest. Very nice solid wood carvings. Wooden bird, wooden hands, dial and cuckoo bird and hand painted flowers.
20 inch carved musical 8 day clock by Hekas
SKU: 3675/8
$699.00 $585.00
20 inch musical 8 day clock by Hekas. Nice traditional clock carvings of birds and leaves. Clock features wooden handpaint
8 day chalet  with moving bell ringer
SKU: 877
$389.00 $349.00
Beautiful 15 inch Black Forest House by Hekas with nice timber frame work.
8 day chalet with hummer style wooden figurine
SKU: 3465
$769.00 $699.00
Beautiful 15 inch Black Forest House by Rombach & Haas with handcut shingle roof and handpainted figurines and nicely carved pine trees. Clock features wooden dial,hands and cuckoo bird. Night shut off to silence the clock.
8 day musical owl clock
SKU: 4560
$1199.00 $1069.00
Beautifully carved 19 1/2 owl clock by Rombach & Haas. This clock features hand carved owls, and owl call (instead of cuckoo), and musical dancers with night shutoff. The clock has a 36-tone (instead of standard 22-tone) swiss music box playing ....
9 inch quartz cuckoo clock
SKU: 2606Q
$149.00 $99.00
This 9 inch battery operated quartz cuckoo clock by Hekas features the traditional hand carved 5 leaves and one bird design.