8 day chalet

These clocks have to be wound once a week. All these clocks have a high quality german brass movement with nightshutoff and come with pendulum, weights, certificate of authenticity and english manual.
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8 day curved roof with moving beer drinker
SKU: 889
10 inch 8 day chalet by Hekas (new model). This nicely crafted clock features a curved roof (from the heavy snow loads in the Black Forest) with wooden carved moving beer drinker.
9 inch 8 day chalet by Schwer with moving chimney sweeper
SKU: 2.0203
Cute little 8 day chalet by Schwer. Nicely decorated with handpainted flowers, wooden tree and water trough. Clock features solid carved wooden roof. Wooden hand painted bird, wooden hands, dial.
Cuckoo clock by Hekas - alpine cabin - 12 1/2 inch
SKU: 876
Beautifully crafted Black Forest chalet by Hekas. This all wooden clock features handpainted flowers and nicely crafted windows with wooden shutters.