8 day chalet

These clocks have to be wound once a week. All these clocks have a high quality german brass movement with nightshutoff and come with pendulum, weights, certificate of authenticity and english manual.
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SKU: 2.0203
$349.00 $299.00
Cute little 8 day chalet by Schwer. Nicely decorated with handpainted flowers, wooden tree and water trough. Clock features solid carved wooden roof. Wooden hand painted bird, wooden hands, dial.
SKU: 879
$429.00 $375.00
This 13 inch 8 day chalet style Black Forest cuckoo clock from Hekas features many details. Beerdrinker lifts mug when cuckoo calls.
SKU: 876
$369.00 $325.00
Beautifully crafted Black Forest chalet by Hekas. This all wooden clock features handpainted flowers and nicely crafted windows with wooden shutters.