8 day carved

These clocks have to be wound once a week. All these clocks have a high quality german brass movement with nightshutoff and come with pendulum, weights, certificate of authenticity and english manual.
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SKU: 846
Traditional carved 24 inch inch 8 day cuckoo clock by Hekas. Clock features deep carvings of birds and leaves. Wooden dial, hand, cuckoo bird and crossed front compliment the overall look of this nicely carved cuckoo clock.
SKU: 3437
This beautifully crafted 18 1/2 inch 8 day cuckoo clock by Rombach & Haas features two 3-dimensionally carved owls with glass eyes on top, 2 birds on the side and a cuckoo nest on the bottom.
SKU: B415/8
13 1/2 inch cuckoo clock with an unusual contemporary design. Cuckoo calls half and full hour. Clock has solid wood case and carvings.