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11 3/4 inch cuckoo with extra detailed carvings
SKU: 630
$249.00 $199.00
This traditional style 1 day carved cuckoo clock is made out of linden wood and features a extra detailed carvings of leaves and birds. It measures 11 3/4 inches and features a night shutoff. Beautiful hand carved leaves and bird on top.
17 inch 8 day musical chalet with Grandmother and Grandfather
SKU: 5.8869
$1499.00 $1399.00
17 inch 8 day chalet with wooden figurines of Grandmother and Grandfather sitting on a bench. Turning wooden handcarved and handpainted dancing figurines. Woman in traditional Black Forest attire is ringing the bell tower at the half and full hour. Nicely
20 inch carved musical 8 day clock by Hekas
SKU: 3675/8
$699.00 $585.00
20 inch musical 8 day clock by Hekas. Nice traditional clock carvings of birds and leaves. Clock features wooden handpaint
8 day chalet with hummer style wooden figurine
SKU: 3465
$769.00 $699.00
Beautiful 15 inch Black Forest House by Rombach & Haas with handcut shingle roof and handpainted figurines and nicely carved pine trees. Clock features wooden dial,hands and cuckoo bird. Night shut off to silence the clock.
8 day musical owl clock
SKU: 4560
$1199.00 $1049.00
Beautifully carved 19 1/2 owl clock by Rombach & Haas. This clock features hand carved owls, and owl call (instead of cuckoo), and musical dancers with night shutoff. The clock has a 36-tone (instead of standard 22-tone) swiss music box playing ....
9 inch quartz cuckoo clock
SKU: 2606Q
$139.00 $109.00
This 9 inch battery operated quartz cuckoo clock by Hekas features the traditional hand carved 5 leaves and one bird design.
Black Forest women ringing the belll
SKU: 3727/8
$999.00 $845.00
New model by Hekas. 15 3/4 inch 8 day chalet with many moving features. Turning dancing couples in traditional Black Forest attire.
Cuckoo clock by Hekas - alpine cabin - 12 1/2 inch
SKU: 876
$335.00 $299.00
Beautifully crafted Black Forest chalet by Hekas. This all wooden clock features handpainted flowers and nicely crafted windows with wooden shutters.