1 day musical carved

All of these clocks will ship within 2-3 days directly from the maker in Germany to you. It takes only 2 business days to arrive anywhere in the lower 48 states.

The clocks without dancers play 1 song, the clocks with dancers play 2 songs. All these clocks have a high quality german brass movement with nightshutoff and come with pendulum, weights, english manual and a certificate of authenticity.

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17 inch musical cuckoo with moving birds
SKU: 3688
1 day 17 inch musical cuckoo clock by Hekas. Clock has swiss music box, which plays "Edelweiss" and "Happy wanderer". Clock has 2 moving birds.
clock with 5 leaves & bird
SKU: 3654ex
This traditionally 14 inch one day carved musical cuckoo clock by Hekas has a lot to offer for it's price. A swiss music box playing Edelweiss and Happy wanderer. Wooden dial and hand painted wooden dancers. Clock is nicely stained and ...
musical cuckoo clock with birds shipping
SKU: 3652ex
Traditional 3 birds 5 leaves musical cuckoo clock by Hekas. 14 inch. Plays Edelweiss and Happy wanderer ("swiss music box"). Now even nicer with wooden dial. Features musical dancers and night shutoff to silence the clock.