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SKU: 2.0203
$349.00 $299.00
Cute little 8 day chalet by Schwer. Nicely decorated with handpainted flowers, wooden tree and water trough. Clock features solid carved wooden roof. Wooden hand painted bird, wooden hands, dial.
SKU: 135/8
$359.00 $329.00
19 inch 7 leaves 3 bird design by Hubert Herr. Clock features deep carvings of birds and leaves.
SKU: 3727/8
$999.00 $845.00
New model by Hekas. 15 3/4 inch 8 day chalet with many moving features. Turning dancing couples in traditional Black Forest attire.
SKU: 876
$369.00 $299.00
Beautifully crafted Black Forest chalet by Hekas. This all wooden clock features handpainted flowers and nicely crafted windows with wooden shutters.
SKU: 187/8RM
$799.00 $649.00
Beautifully carved 19 inch baroque bird and leaf motif. This nice size 8-day cuckoo clock features a wooden dial,night shutoff, plays Edelweiss and Happy wanderer, dancers move while music plays.