We at german-cuckoos.com take pride in offering high quality Black Forest cuckoo clocks at a very competetive price. All our cuckoo clocks are imported directly from the manufacturer in Germany and are in stock in the US. All cuckoo clocks carry a certificate of authenticity and are made by highly respected manufacturers like Hubert Herr, Hoenes, Rombach & Haas, Hekas and Schwer. We deal with cuckoo clocks professionally for years, we know our product and are able to help you out with any problem you might have in the future. Most of our cuckoo clocks are in stock in the US, therefore we are able to ship your cuckoo clock to you quickly.

All our cuckoo clocks are backed by a 2 year no hassle warranty (1 year for battery operated cuckoo clocks). We will not refer you to a 3rd party service station in a warranty case, where you have to pay for shipping and wait a long time to get your clock back, but will arrange for shipping at our expense during the warranty period, and have it repaired by our in house service station.
Even after your warranty expires, you will be able to benefit from our experience and close relationship to the manufacturers. We will assist you on the phone for your service and trouble shooting questions, or order rare replacement parts for your cuckoo clock at wholesale price.

Free ground shipping within the continental US for all clocks over $120. Expedited shipping available upon request. Contact us for a quote.

Unmatched 2 year no hassle warranty. We even pay for shipping to get your clock back to us.

Price match guarantee. We will beat any retailer in the US. Because we import directly from the clockmaker in Germany, we can offer you these clocks at the best possible price. Some german sites might offer a clock a little cheaper, but their shipping cost can easily exceed $50, plus you may have to pay duty.

We will exclusively supply our customers with replacement parts at wholesale cost after the warranty expires and offer unlimited phone support for troubleshooting, maintainance and care tips.

Every cuckoo clock in our store is not only "Made in Germany" but also certified by the Black Forest Clock Association. A certified original Black Forest Cuckoo Clock has to be hand carved, operate mechanically, use mostly parts manufactured in the Black Forest and has to meet the high quality standards set by the Black Forest clock Association.
All our german cuckoo clocks meet or succeed these standards.

We chose only manufacturers, who use high quality german brass movements by Hubert Herr or Regula to ensure your Black Forest cuckoo clock will run for decades. All our musical cuckoo clocks are equipped with high quality swiss musical movements.
All carvings are guaranteed made by German master carvers, and all clock cases are solid wood.

If you are retailer, and interested in carrying cuckoo clocks, please visit the website of
Old World Imports

cuckoo clock, 1 day, carved by Hubert Herr

cuckoo clocks, 1 day, chalet by Hekas

german cuckoo clock, 1 day musical, carved

cuckoo clock, 1 day musical, chalet - Made in Germany

cuckoo clock, 8 day, carved by August Schwer

cuckoo clocks, 8 day, chalet by Rombach & Haas

cuckoo clocks, 8 day musical carved by Hubert Herr

cuckoo clock, 8 day musical chalets by Hekas & Romba
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